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UPDATE (March 2014): The game already has a primary sponsor, but sitelock bids are still welcomed. This latest update has just replaced MochiAds with FGL Ads and made some small changes to menus and ambience. Also exported to latest flash player for slightly better performance.

UPDATE (way back): Players can now select difficulty on the level selection screen. Due to feedback on the game, I've uploaded a new version with both a Normal and a Hard game mode, to cater to both the casual newcomer to the genre and gamers looking for more intense challenge. Difficulty only influences the gravity and control of the ship, not the level designs, enemy stats or other factors.


"Distress call from our exoplanetary mining station Obsidian XII - we're sending you, the best fighter pilot in the Galaxy, to investigate. Long range scans indicate a severe systems failure, so be prepared for anything!"

SpaceMadness is more than a stylish retro tribute to the cave flyer genre - it is a full game by itself with carefully crafted levels, music, art and assets.

Each of the 32 levels introduce a new gameplay element, so there's plenty of surprise, progress and variation to keep you playing. Similarly, the tilesets change every 4 levels, taking the player through diverse environments: space station, ore processing facility, mine shafts, ancient underground alien structure, and 4 alien worlds, each with their own decorations, structures, enemies and challenge types. 

The music has been composed especially for SpaceMadness by Dave Cowen who normally does music for Nitrome, and the graphics have been retouched by pixelart wizard Sergey Arseniev.

SpaceMadness uses FGLAds (pre-game ad) and GamerSafe to sell players cannon and shield upgrades as well as a level pack containing the last 16 levels. 

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