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Highway Car Racing

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Highway Car Racing


Highway car racing is a fast paced and fun racing game. The aim of the game is to score as higher as possible and cover as much distance as you can. Your car's speed and the traffic density increase gradually.rnrnThere are a few power-ups to help you on your way to success:rn - Energy Item: Replenishes your car's vitality (by a certain amount)rn - Shield: Fully replenishes your car's shield. Especially effective against rock piles.rn - Gun: Gives you 20 bullets which will help you clear your way aheadrnrnHowever there are also some (not so good) collectibles like:rn - The Poison Bottle: Greatly reduces your car's responsivenessrn - The Danger Sign: Careful! You'll encounter rock piles ahead (probably caused by a land slide)rn - The Space Shuttle: Your car will gain blinding speedrn - The Cloud: Dense clouds ahead! Can hardly see the road!rn - The Light Bulb: Immediate night time.rnrnTo score higher collect points along the way and shoot more vehicles and rock piles. Shooting a vehicle gives you 100 points, while shooting a rock pile gives you only 50 points.rn

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