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Floral Cupcakes

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Floral Cupcakes


It's Summertime and nothing can be greater on a sunny summer day then a fabulous sweet and delicious dessert!
We propose to make together some lovely Floral Marshmallow Cupcakes that will make your friends love you for sharing this amazing dessert.
The game is quite simple and the recipe quite fabulous, easy and fast to prepare.
The cooking process start with the dough preparations followed by pouring into muffin forms.
Place them in the oven until are properly baked and then let them rest until they are cold enough.
Now comes the step that makes this cupcakes that special the decoration part. First prepare a nice green frosting to cover the cupcakes and then comes the sweet element the Marshmallows. Decorate the cupcakes, follow the cooking instructions and everything will be great and the result will be fabulous.
Just cook and Enjoy!

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