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Dots And Squares

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Dots And Squares


How many squares or rectangles can you find in this new highscores puzzle game?

Dots and Squares is a new addicting puzzle logic game in which you must try to create as many rectangles as you can from the dots on the screen! Each rectangle must be created from the dots (squares) of the same color in order that every dot is one corner of the created rectangle! Remember, bigger rectangle = better score!

How to play: Tap on 4 dots of the same color in order to create any kind of rectangle!

Game modes:
- 120 seconds - you have exactly 120 seconds to get the best score possible
- 25 moves - you have 25 moves available, get the best score possible

- beginner - there are 3 colors on the screen
- advanced - there are 4 colors on the screen

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