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Voxel based First Person Shooter created in Flash. This is an updated version (maintenance release) of the original game "Destructor" (2012).

Destroy the world as much as you can! Less voxels remaining means higher score/rank.
No enemies, no life bars, no bullets & time limits, just enjoy the shooting in the fully destructible environment. Be a Destructor!

Aim/Shoot: Left Mouse (or Ctrl)
Move: WSAD
View: QEZX/Arrow Keys
Jump: Space
Pause Game: Enter (You can submit your scores in the pause menu.)
Right Click(or long press): music on/off, on screen joysitck on/off

Use "portals" (holes) on the ground to go to higher place.

What's new:
1. Updated control, added on screen joystick for windows/android tablets.
2. Added newgrounds high score submission.
3. Added music by Ove Melaa.

Source Code & Credits:
For an updated version of the voxel engine - Bengine, used for the game:

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