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About One Cat

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About One Cat


It's, rather, not even the mazes, it's exciting adventure with funny characters and a variety of jokes. 9 labyrinths, 7 screensavers, a large number of interactive elements and at times unexpected plot twists look forward to you.

The names and order of screensaver and labyrinths

"Meet with the cat" (screen savers)
"Training" (labyrinth)
"Abduction" (screen savers)
"Path of Cat Scouts" (labyrinth)
"Forest labyrinth" (labyrinth)
"Chase" (screen savers)
"Red rocks" (labyrinth)
"Lava valley" (labyrinth)
"Bait" (screen savers)
"The Farthest Dungeon" (labyrinth)
"Depths of the Earth" (labyrinth)
"The Colored Way" (screen savers)
"The Colored Labyrinth (part 1)" (labyrinth)
"The Colored Labyrinth (part 2)" (labyrinth)
"Victory" (screen savers)
"Happy End" (screen savers)

- the mouse controls the Cat
- pressing of the spacebar there is a pause and the camera mode (see hint in game)

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